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    How Much Protein Before After Workout[Everything Protein]

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    So, I got a question from a person on my email saying,

    Man, you have made articles in the past on protein foods after a workout, how much protein do you need in a day, etc.

    But I want you to make a separate article on specifically how much protein before after workout?

    I said, let's get it done!

    Others may come here right from Google,

    So you have been researching on how much protein you need to take before after workout?

    You have landed on the right spot!

    Protein before after workout
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    In this article, I will go in deep with specifically protein before after workout.
    Is it important?

    If YES!

    Then, why is protein after the workout is important?

    How many grams of protein after a workout?

    Protein food options after the workout?

    And many more...

    So stay tuned and let dive right into it!

    Protein Before After Workout! Is It Important?

    Actually, there are 2 types of cases to this:

    The category number 1: 

    These are the type of people who generally say that

    you do not need to provide protein as such... before or sometimes after the workout!

    Only the overall protein from your diet is important!

    You do not have to go in-deep about everything.

    Only focus on getting your overall protein intake balanced.

    And not like this,

    Protein before after workout

    Protein before workout and then protein after the workout... 

    Who goes into this crap that,

    Oh, I need to get my protein as soon as I finish my workout otherwise I will not build muscles or lose fat...!

    And on the other hand,

    The second category is like:

    Category number 2:

    These guys hugely believe that you should and get your protein right before and after the workout.

    Although these people do have their own logic behind the statement.

    And that's why, you, yes YOU are here to know how much protein before after workout? Is it necessary?

    What's Going On?

    You know what I believe?

    I believe both the categories are correct and positive!

    Yes, you need protein before after workout and also,
    You have to take care of getting your total protein requirements right!

    Protein is absolutely Important!

    Let's talk about people who ask:

    How much protein do I need after a workout?


    How much protein do I need before a workout?

    To be exact in grams!

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    How Many Grams Protein Do I Need BEFORE/AFTER a Workout?

    It is absolutely important that you should provide good protein before a workout and best protein after a workout!

    If you ask any bodybuilding professional on this question protein before after workout?

    He will say,

    Simply to be in an anabolic state of the muscle.

    That's it!

    Protein before after workout

    How many grams protein do you need?

    This goes like from beginner level all the way to advanced:

    If You Are a Beginner[0-1 Years]

    Provide minimum to minimum of 20 grams of protein to 24 grams in both pre-workout and post workout.

    If You Are an Intermediate[1-5 Years]

    Provide minimum to minimum of 20 grams to 30 grams in both pre-workout and post workout.

    You even can probably have more than this till up to 35 grams.

    And that too only in post workouts.

    When you are all done with your heavy sass training!

    If You Are Pure Advanced

    Which I guess you are not, as if you would?

    You probably will not be here to know how much protein to take after a workout or before?

    You already too busy in Pumping Iron.

    But, for knowledge.

    Advanced lifters can take anywhere from 30 grams to 50 grams or even up to 60 grams in most cases.

    Just because of a simple fact that they do have more muscle maturity than any of the above category.

    Now, that was how much protein to take before after workout in grams do you need!

    Let's see when to take protein before after workout? The TIMINGS

    When To Take Protein Before After Workout[Timings]

    Now, timings also play an important role in all this.

    If you take protein 10 minutes before workout. That's too late for Pre-Workout!

    And if you take protein 60 minutes after the workout. That's too late too for Post-Workout! 

    Protein before after workout

    The Right Timings for:

    Protein Before Workouts

    Before a workout is,

    Just because of a simple fact that,

    Your body doesn't lose the muscles during working out as "FUEL"

    If you are eating the right pre-workout food: 30 minutes[Best Time]


    I must add that if you are having a meal which contains carbs.

    Try increasing the time to 45 minutes or even up to 1 hour.

    Your body will say it to you when it will be the right timing.
    Because you don't want food hanging-in your stomach when you do any of the workout exercises.

    So Adjust According To Yourself: From 30 Minutes To 1 Hour

    Protein After Workouts

    After a workout is a time when you supply good protein for muscle nourishment.

    As you worked your muscles in the gym.

    Provide protein to your sore muscles in the max gap of 45 minutes.

    This 45-minute window after a workout is also called a window of growth.

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    What NOT To Eat Before And After Workout

    Protein Food After Workout

    When it comes to food,

    Just make sure to keep a check on a few important things that need to be taken care of!

    Which are:

    No Overeating before and after the workout!

    Plain, simple and light food that can digest instantly.

    In Pre-Workout,

    You can have banana or oats or apple or curd[non-fat] etc.

    +With, Egg whites or BCAA or Whey Protein or any other pre-workout supplement.

    +[Optional] With Green tea or Black tea or Coffee.

    That's was the complete pre-workout foods.

    Post Protein After Workout,

    You don't need much as you only need instant recovery.

    So any good protein after the workout would go well!

    Like- Whey Protein, Casein Protein, Egg Whites, etc.

    Also, there is much lean protein in Chicken Breast.


    You can also have a Boost or ProteinX like supplements if you are on a low budget.

    That's complete protein food after a workout!

    Protein before after workout

    So, that's it from this article "How Much Protein Before After Workout[Everything Protein]"

    I hope you got what you were looking for!

    Having said that,

    Comment down below what you want next or mail me directly from the contact form.


    That would be greatly appreciated.

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