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    Healthy Snacks Ideas That You Can Eat Anywhere

    Hello, amazing people? How are you?
    I hope you are doing great!

    Today this morning I received an email from a person saying what are the best options? What to eat as a snack when you have nothing to eat or maybe as an office snack.

    He basically wants to know what should I eat for a snack, give us some best snacks recipes.

    I read the email and thought it would be awesome to post the next article on what to eat for a snack.

    I will tell you today my snack options that I eat when I have nothing to eat or when I do not want to eat unhealthy from outside anywhere.

    Easy to prepare, easy to carry!
    Let's get right into what are some best snack options.

    What to eat for a snack
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    What To Eat For A Snack

    The snack options I will tell you, some of these may be easy to carry and some of then you have to eat right away.
    Having said that, let's look at the best snack options:

    1. Dry-Fruits & Banana

    I think it is self-explanatory on how to make and how to carry. You can easily do that.

    If you are hungry and want some instant good nutrition, this is the easiest way to feed.

    Grab around 10 walnuts, 20 Almonds, and 20 resins plus a full-sized banana.

    That's all you need.

    It will provide you with good nutrition and you will not feel hungry for a minimum of 1 hour.

    Quick Tip:

    If you are at home and want to make this, try adding a piece of apple in the recipe too!


    Next is,

    2. Apple Quick Oatmeal

    I say, try this one when you are at home. Do not make this and go out there in the office. Simply make the meal as I am telling you here and have it right away.

    Now, you do not want to use any kind of masala oats, only use pure whole grain oats.


    - Add some plain oats in a bowl as much as you want.

    - Add some water to the bowl, only add as much water as the oats can just soak into the water.

    - Add half a spoon of natural peanut butter into the bowl and mix it well.

    - Cut a piece of apple/banana and add some dry fruits on top of it.

    - Done!

    What to eat for a snack

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    3. Quick Apple-Banana Shake

    This one is really easy and you can make it pretty east in no time.

    This will fill you for approx. 1.5-2 hour depending on how big the glass is.

    If the glass is big, this won't be a snack. It will be considered a full meal.

    Now, a quick fact.

    As I am writing this article. I am also having my banana shake right now!

    The recipe is really simple:

    - Cut 1 Banana and 1 apple into a mixer. Consider a small apple and a small banana.

    - Add some milk, skimmed milk is the way to go.

    - Blend in the mixer/blender and there you go.

    You just made a really nutritious and healthy apple-banana shake.

    Add some dry fruits like walnuts, Almonds, and resins as some toppings and done!

    4. Mix Fruit 

    When you are eating some snacks, it is important that you keep the quantities of every fruit low.

    Quickly chop some fruits like apple, grapes, pineapple, kiwi, oranges.

    Hardly takes 5 minutes to make and with tons of healthy fruits.

    Add 2-3-4 egg whites if you want to complete your protein intake of the day(Optional)

    Take any 3-4 different fruits from this picture and make your snack the way you like!

    What to eat for a snack

    That's it from this article "Healthy Snacks Ideas That You Can Eat Anywhere"

    I hope the person that had sent me the email had his question of what to eat for a snack covered!
    Now, I will wait for your next email about how tasty you find the above foods!

    If you find this article tasteful :) just by reading then hit that share button and share good nutrition with everybody around you!

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