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    What To Eat Before a Workout[Men&Women]

    What's up guys, hows everything going. I hope you been working hard to achieve your fitness goals.

    So I got a question from a person that what to eat before a workout? Basically, he wants to know what to eat in the pre-workout if you do morning or even evening workouts.

    In this short article, I will tell you what basic thing that you should keep in mind before going to the gym in the name of nutrition.

    Let's get started, man!

    What to eat before a workout
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    What To Eat Before a Workout

    I see a lot of people getting in these things that what should be the best "" that I can take so that I can be a god who is lifting crazy sass weights?

    To make things simple on the table I want to first tell you the basic concept that what is essential and what is not.

    So the question is what to eat in a pre-workout, right?

    First things first, When you workout, you need energy and if you want to push more heavyweights, you need even more energy to do so.

    And we are looking for what to eat in nutrition?

    The answer is simple which is add sh*t ton of carbs.

    What to eat before a workout

    Another thing, that is you train muscles in the gym and muscles are made up of protein.

    Yes, you catch it right. You need to feed the muscle to be able to be in the anabolic phase.

    Now, I know some of you guys will now say that OH, I will add too many carbs before going to the gym, I will feel bloated?

    The answer comes down to the timings.

    If you take this 20 minutes before going to the gym.

    Yes, of course, you be feeling bloated especially doing ab movements.

    Logical Explanation

    Now, you have to eat carbs and protein at least 45 minutes before going to the gym in high quantity.

    The better the digestion you gain in this time, the high the energy levels will be.

    For protein I can say you to add protein powder or if you have difficulty arranging that sh*t.

    Go with the old school egg whites.

    Now, you have to make this one thing in mind that.

    Please do not feed your body any kinds of fats like almonds, or peanut butter or something close to that.

    It will only slow down your digestion and you are looking for fast digestion of the carbs and protein so that it can instantly leave you will a ton of energy right of the door!

    I have seen some articles preaching that I don't even know how that came in the market but Hey, be sure what you read and apply must have logical stuff behind it.

    Don't follow nobody blindly.

    Now the above stuff is all for the evening gym goers.

    If you are one of the morning squad, I mean you can feed with high carbs but in the morning I can understand maybe there would be a time issue.

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    What Should I Eat Before a Workout[Morning]

    You can go empty stomach in the gym, there is no issue in that.

    I have seen people doing that with good workouts.

    But quite frankly I personally wouldn't recommend doing that. I will always say that at least have a piece of apple or banana for a quick digesting energy source.

    Now below are the list of foods that you can consider adding in your pre-workouts, doesn't matter if you go in the evenings or morning.

    If you have at least 45-1 hour time frame before going to the gym. I would encourage you to go with these!

    What To Eat Before a Workout[List]

    These are all the carb sources that will fill you with energy to push through.

    • Oats
    • Bananas/Apple
    • Potato/Sweet potato
    • Whole Grain Bread
    • White Rice

    These are all the protein sources that will fill your muscles with strength.

    I hope you enjoyed reading this and actually find it helpful "What To Eat Before a Workout[Men&Women]"

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